KIELER Pragmatics 2015/06

We are happy to provide release 2015/06 of the KIELER Pragmatics Project! KIELER Pragmatics is a framework for enhanced user interaction in graphical modeling that builds on the Eclipse platform. This document describes how to install the release and highlights the most exciting new features.

As the usual bonus, we are co-releasing our KLighD-based KIELER Ptolemy Browser.


KIELER Pragmatics 2015/06 is provided as a set of features, available to be added to your Eclipse installation via an update site. KIELER Pragmatics 2015/06 was tested on Eclipse 4.4 "Luna", but may also be compatible with other versions of Eclipse.

Also refer to the KIELER Downloads page to download the KIELER Ptolemy Browser and the KIELER Web Service.

Release Notes and Highlights

For this release, we have solved almost 80 tickets. You can find a list of them at our issue tracking system. Release notes of older releases can be found at our Release Notes page.

API Changes

This is a summary of the API changes introduced with this version:

New Features

Here's a few highlights of what's new in this version:

Important Fixed Bugs

Among others, the following bugs were fixed in this version:


Diagram Layout

One of the core features of KIELER Pragmatics is the KIELER Infrastructure for Meta-Layout (KIML). It provides the glue between diagram editors and layout algorithms. If you have installed layout support for GMF editors, you may want to try the following:

Viewing Ptolemy Models

If you have a Ptolemy installation, try the following:

Known Problems and Limitations

Bug Reports, Comments

We're working hard to make the graphical modeling user experience as convenient as possible. However, bugs can still remain in the code and some things might not be as you would expect them. Please don't hesitate to send in bug reports or give other comments like feature requests.

Send bug reports to kieler@…, please. For news or general questions subscribe to the rt-kieler mailing list.