Semantics Meetings: There are regular Semantics Meetings involving all semantics projects of RTSYS (partly including KIELER  projects). This also includes all topics on Synchronous Languages. 


Semantics Meetings are regularly scheduled to take place on MONDAYS, 10:00h in room 1115 (CAP 4).  (warning)

Adding Minutes for a Meeting

To add minutes for a new meeting, click Add, click Page from template, and choose the Synchron Meeting Minutes template.

On Collecting Meeting Topics

We select the topics we're going to talk about before a given meeting. That has two advantages:

  1. The moderator can send an e-mail with the agenda for a given meeting the day before the meeting is held. This gives everyone an idea of what we are going to talk about, with some background information to understand the context of the different topics.
  2. Meetings don't go on forever. Knowing the agenda in advance gives us the chance to reject topics or move them to future meetings.

This implicates that topics need to be raised well in advance. If you want to talk about something, there are two ways to let the moderator know about it:

  1. Send him an e-mail. Ideally, provide a short description of what you would like to talk about.
  2. Add your topic to the list of topics on the whiteboard in 1115, together with your login name. (e.g., "Next release (cds)")