Esterel-Studio is a IDE for Esterel . It contains a graphical interface to create Safe State Machines, an editor for Esterel and several tools, e.g., for verification.


Our license for Esterel Studio is only valid inside the domain Therefore a client runnning Esterel Studio must have a permanent network connection inside that domain to be able to talk to the license server. An independent home installation is not possible.

To start Esterel Studio just call


and the graphical modeling tool appears.

Observe that Esterel Studio uses Esterel V7.


Examples from Esterel Technologies

The example project files delivered with Esterel Studio are located in


They are organized in three hierarchies with different grades of complexity: "Basic", "Intermediate", and "Advanced":


To try them out, copy a projects directory into a working directory of yours and start Esterel Studio:

   mkdir abro
   cd abro
   cp -r /home/esterel/EsterelStudio/examples/Basic/Abro/* .
   /home/esterel/bin/estudio abro.etp &

Locally Prepared Examples

There are two example directories prepared for use as templates for your own projects:


The compilation of a project into textual Esterel and C code is started by

Project->Generate Code

The code for the former ABRO example is placed in the following directories (relative to the working directory):


It is possible to perform this task on the command line without startup of the full graphical interface:

/home/esterel/bin/estudio --embedded ABRO.etp

To compile the resulting Esterel file into C code execute:

/home/esterel/bin/esterel7 -v7 -Lc -W Default/Code/Temp/ABRO.strl

Generate VHDL Code

To Generate VHDL create a new "Configuration" with a handy name like "VHDL" and choose "VHDL" as "Target Language". Follow the Compilation steps.


Makefile for the Unix target

The Makefile in /home/esterel/estudio/example compiles esterel programs for the Unix-Target.

The following targets are available (replace ABRO with the base name of your project):

Makefile for the legOS target

The Makefile in /home/esterel/estudio/example-legOS compiles esterel programs for the legOS-Target. It is similar to the one for Unix with some additional targets for kernel and program upload into the RCX.

The following targets are available (replace ABRO-rcx with the base name of your project):


Several documents are available: Manuals for EsterelStudio and textual Esterel. For copyright reasons we can not provide HTTP links to these files. Therefore they are only locally available in the directory /home/esterel/EsterelStudio/doc.

Further information can be found at [ Esterel Technologies].


To animate a Safe State Machine while the program is executed, the esi file format can be used.