KIELER Rich Client Application 0.4.0

Release Notes

We are happy to provide the fourth release of the Kiel Integrated Environment for Layout Eclipse Rich Client! It is a framework for enhanced user interaction in graphical modeling basing on the Eclipse platform. This being a pre-release provides some basic core contributions as listed below. The full user experience will follow in upcoming releases. For known shortcomings and problems also see below.

Installation Notes

You can either download the Rich Client Application (RCA) which comes bundled with all required Eclipse infrastructure or you can install the single KIELER features via an Update Site on top of your own Eclipse installation (Eclipse version 3.6 ("Helios") required).

Provided Features

This is a very brief list of included features.

Since 0.4.0

Since 0.3.1

Since 0.3

Since 0.2

Since 0.1


Start with an Example

The 0.4 release provides the new example management KEX. You can start with an example either by

Start with an empty Workspace

When you start KIELER, you will probably start a new empty workspace.

In your new project you can create new graphical or textual models. Here is some possible use case:

Known Problems and Limitations

Bug Reports, Comments

We're working hard to make the graphical modeling user experience as convenient as possible. However, bugs can still remain in the code and some things might not be as you would expect them. Please don't hesitate to send in bug reports or give other comments like feature requests.

Send bug reports to kieler@…, please. For news or general questions subscribe to the rt-kieler mailing list.