Added option to use custom annotations for method info.

Can now annotate each method with original state name and hash instead

of using javadoc comments.

The required annotation class is statically embedded in the generated


Equation Synthesis: Sequential dependencies between equations are now shown

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Hierarchical states are now correctly recognized.

Added comment above both (not just one) method generated for

hierarchichal states.

Merge branch 'master' into nre/master

Unified KNode, KEdge and KPort extensions.

Can now differentiate multiple states with the same names.

Use hash of fully qualified state name to differentiate states with the

same name, but in different places of the model.

Only marks the correct ones as active now.

Equation Synthesis: The generation of data access nodes for arrays and classes does now work correctly

Removed old plugins

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adapted testsuite-creation code to new compiler-structure

Equation Synthesis: Combine the equation graphs from the first layout step

klighd.lsp: removed most xtend warnings

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Can now also add breakpoints by double-clicking again.

Breakpoint markers now appear in editor.

Also, no exceptions when removing them anymore.

klighd.lsp: allow the server to change the client selection.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into als/cli

Can now at least set breakpoints using the context menu.

Markers are not properly displayed, but the diagram shows them.

Double-clicking does not work.

build: Added shebang for bash for all uberjar executables

Fixes KISEMA-1532

test.cli: Added CLI test for bundled compilers, such as Esterel

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esterel,lustre: Removed access of eclipse platform for selecting external compiler to enable support for CLI

Fixed ecore package registration in all standalone setups

This fixes error in model instantiation in CLI

Compiler Selection: Better Code Style

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.rtsys.informatik.uni-kiel.de:7999/kieler/semantics into mek-master

Fixed package setup and extension points.

Breakpoint visualization currently not working for unknown reasons.

Cleaned up old code by lgr.

- Converted all classes to xtend

- Removed breakpoint line mapping from bundle activator and moved it

into separate class BreakpointUtility.

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scg: Fixed kicool warning for private system parsing

sccharts.ui: Adjusted deferred synthesis

sccharts: Adapted code style

Moved code to sccharts plugins.

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/kolja/deferred'









klighd.lsp: implemented boolean layout option