language-server: inherit onConnect behavior of KLighD

sccharts: Fixed another problem with bindings in super regions

scg: Fixed Java prio code gen where constructor must be after logic code

sccharts: Improved validator for reference declarations

sccharts: Removed support for alternative generics declaration because it causes probelms with < keyword and ambiguity in serialization

sccharts: Fixed snapshots that were suppressed

scg: Fixed NPE in guard expressions

kexpressions: Improved conversion of emission refCall ambiguity

sccharts: Fixed validation rule for references if used in DF regions

scchart.test: Added experimental test to try abort regions

scg: Improved guard generation for seq. preempt. fork

scg: Fixed problem with dead guards in par-or join

scg: ThreadAnalyzer is now aware of preemetion by fork or join

sccharts: fixed wrong index check in method processor

sccharts: Added support for conditional and delayed termination with abort regions

sccharts+scg: Added experimental support for abort regions based on for with sequential preemtive scheduling and par-or join.


Improved preemtion keywords in sctx

Turned SuperfluosForkRemover into proper co-processor

Some minor changes in SCG processors

  1. … 72 more files in changeset.
sccharts: Added support for val operator on signals in methods

scg: Improved compilation of methods and code generation for classes and methods

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
kexpressions: Removed support for upward visibility in inner classes

scg.klighd: Fixed return statement nodes

scg: Added support for inlining method calls in non-inlined method calls

kepressions: Fixed reference call converter for variables that include indices

scg: Fixed handling of method calls with method call in paramters

sccharts: Added support for initializations in classes instanciated as arrays

sccharts: Added support for VO refs with sub references in pre

sccharts: Fixed bindings in references to super regions

c.sccharts: fixed faulty SSA-form for arrays.

c.sccharts: fixed cardinality and index mixup in array assignments.

sccharts: reference declaration variables are not added to vo store anymore

kivis.ui: Fixed problem of disposed widget exception during simulation