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merged newdiff and master

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output KIEM error messages in debug mode

moved trace file counting to KartPlugin

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BENCHMARK MODE for SyncCharts S Simulation

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In case the MAXIMUM TICKS are reached, consider this as an OK, NON-error case

NEW: optional model simulator isDirty-flag can be computed now and decides whether to perform a model transformation (this is done for the SyncCharts 2 S simulation)

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design / rating comments

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resolved conflicts

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tag KI-17 added.

Review Done #resolve KIELER-2036

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review KI-17 code changes

test framework: - Added: GraphTestRunner. - Added: Test class to test the test framework.

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Do not open the model files because this may conflict with KiVi and KIEM Listener actions

proposed yello tag

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removed //... line

log4j with debugging

logger test

no pluginid


in case of a test failure stop KIEM before exception occurs

Enhanced comment for @Parameters method

Code cleanup

code comments

Moved KielerTestRunner and refactored KiemTestRunner that extends it

Further generalization of KielerTestRunner

Generalization of a generic KielerTestRunner

reverted to List<Object[]>

Using List<HashMap<String, Object>> instead of List<Object[]>

test name

Explicit initialization in KiemRunner