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klighd.test: Implemented size estimation test, contributed simple test model.

kieler.klighd: Introduced pre-defined properties for attaching testing information to KRendering view models in KlighdConstants, extended test size estimation in PlacementUtil to evaluate the test data

core.test: Changed type requirements for test methods and constructors running with ModelCollectionTestRunner.

kgraph.text(.ui): Extended KRendering grammar s.t. mapProperties may be attached to KText instances (needed for testing)

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kieler.kiml: improved KimlUtil#validate (incorporation of the root node)

kgraph.text: slightly modified KGraphStandaloneSetup to be used for test initialization

annotations.text: reformatted/documented some sources

klighd: Commented KlighdCropDiagramCombination

core.test: Improved documentation of KielerTestRunner

core.test: Introduced ModellCollectionTestRunner

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Introduced klighd.test: Added SizeEstimationTest skeleton

another renaming

faked renaming

added a comment

NEW: optional model simulator isDirty-flag can be computed now and decides whether to perform a model transformation (this is done for the SyncCharts 2 S simulation)

further renamed abo and abro

renamed SC regression test cases

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minor: states labeled

Sequential constructiveness examples

Fixed: ESO files support _ in signals, and aaw and aww repaired eso files

ESO support for _ in signal names

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Merge branch 'master' into cmot/master

SyncCharts SC validation tests used for SyncCharts S validation

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New: Support for Local Signals (raise AND expose), regression tests for local signals an host code, updated execution schedules (new expose local signal options)

KLighD: Introduced node size estimation logic, added KlighdConstants class (default font, font style, ...), added KTextUtil providing functionality for proper text handling (line ending treatment, ...); adapted related classes accordingly edu.umd.cs.piccolo: Extended PSWTText (added further constructors, improved handling of line ending delimiters), increased execution environment to J2SE-1.5

core, core.ui: - Added: Went through classes and added review tags where appropriate.

doclets: - Fixed: New link to the source code management system used to linkify class file names.

core: - Added: Proposed design and code rating tags.

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Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git-rtsys/kieler/mainline

papyrus.repository: - Changed: Packaging type is now the deprecated eclipse-update-site to work around eclipse-repository not paying attention to associateSites.xml.