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removed unfinished label processing code

updated version numbers for 0.7.1 release (Eclipse Orbit)

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Cherry-Pick: corrected copyright information: copied files have to retain the original copyright header





speculative fix for KIELER-2233

fixed command category

kiml.ui: fixed enablement of context menu actions

kiml.ui: fixed visibility of context menu commands (KIELER-2284)

fixed a problem that can cause NPEs

diagram layout engine: allowing null as progress monitor

adapted menu contributions according to KIELER-2267

created new KEG categories according to KIELER-2265

changed default direction of Graphviz Dot to DOWN

speculative fix for KIELER-2249

bk node placer: HTMLized the class comment

Merge branch 'kieler-0.7' of ssh://git.rtsys/kieler/mainline into kieler-0.7

Update site: - Changed: Renamed categories for new KIELER release.

Merge branch 'kieler-0.7' of into kieler-0.7

added codegen.dependencies to synccharts feature

Update site: - Fixed: KIELER Annotations was in the Development category on the update site, not in the main KIELER category.

build: zip products in subdirectories

Bug fix for issue KIELER-2184. Change of Util.getRelatedCompoundNode in KLay layered. No null return for hierarchy crossing edges with leaf node target of uppermost level.

updated copyright year, see KIELER-2206

fixed: new generated classes (due to new xtext serializer)

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Merge branch 'kieler-0.7' of into kieler-0.7

Switched xtext projects to new serializer, KIELER-2209 #resolve

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KIELER-2210 bk node placer: top margin of nodes is now also considered in top-aligned layout

release signal update

release signals.ui update

KIELER-2210 bk node placer: corrected margin-consideration in new compaction method, which applied top margin at wrong place

Merge branch 'kieler-0.7' of into kieler-0.7