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Fixed update site wqcategory names.

Merge branch 'kieler-0.8' of ssh://git-rtsys/kieler/mainline into kieler-0.8

Updated update site information for release 0.8.0

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Fixed: SC simulation cannot use " for aron compilation with gcc, fixed compiler warning in sc.h

KiVi effect worker: pending UI thread tasks are executed after each effect in monitored mode

klay.layered: - Fixed: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with self-loops that have mid-labels. We will simply ignore them for the moment. (KIELER-2347)

kex, kex.ui: - Fixed: Importing examples into projects whose location is not inside the workspace location didn't work. (KIELER-2344)

klay.layered: - Fixed: Missing class.

klay.layered: - Removed: Debug statements.

klay.layered: - Added: New LayerSizeAndGraphHeightCalculator that calculates layer sizes and graph height... - Fixed: Bug that caused layers containing only hypernodes and nodes of width 0 to be treated as layers of width zero, ignoring the width of hypernodes. (KIELER-2334)

made the kivi button icon a bit brighter

core.model: fixed wrong definition in plugin.xml (in coop with cmot)

Re-activated KIELER Validation Manager (lost him after eliminating kieler UI categories)

Allow spaces in S executions

extended layout options interface to support general editing domains

kaom, kvid, synccharts.*: - Fixed: Missing or non-existant command categories.

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core, kiml: - Changed: Cloning default values is not done in Property or LayoutOptionData anymore, but instead in MapPropertyHolder.

catched possible nullpointer

added transformations folder to binary build

eliminated generic kieler UI categories

KLay Layered: port side is set back to KPort

features: - Removed: SJ Test plug-in from Synccharts features.

- Fixed: Plug-in metadata.

core, kaom.text, keg, klots: - Changed: Some preference pages. - Removed: KIELER preference page.

klay.layered: - Fixed: Broken cross counting with northern and southern ports. (KIELER-2329)

Merge branch 'kieler-0.8' of ssh://git-rtsys/kieler/mainline into kieler-0.8

core.product: - Added: Final splash screen and about image. (KIELER-2306)

KLay Layered: increased default thoroughness to 7, added abort of layer sweep as soon as a 0-crossings-run is found

fixed nullpointer in ButtonHandler