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wrote comments, added dummy interface for creating options

implemented collapsing and expanding of the options pane

added arrow for collapsing the options pane

made the separator draggable

implemented float, int, and layout algorithm options

implemented first version of options palette

removed plugin prefix from transformation reference

added google.inject to dependencies

removed port distribution option, implemented random distribution

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git-rtsys/kieler/mainline

models: - Added: Two test models.

core.annotations.text(.ui): improved annotations grammar (employed 'terminal fragment' construct) and content assist proposal provider wrt. to terminal proposals

klay.layered: - Added: NorthSouthPortPreprocessor sorts northern and southern ports properly in cases where port orders are not fixed yet. (KIELER-2298)

klay.layered: - Fixed: The port distribution code now supports in-layer edges.

klay.laybeling: - Removed: The project is obsolete since KLay Layered now supports label placement.

kiml.service: - Fixed: Bug in HyperedgeCrossingAnalysis when merging edge segments that lead to incorrect results. (KIELER-2299)

Merge branch 'master' into cds/finalizeklay



Merge branch 'master' into cds/randomgraphwizard

keg.diagram.custom: - Added: Graph generator now supports shared ports.

keg.diagram.custom: - Added: Option for ports to be shared by edges. Not supported by the graph generator yet. - Fixed: All wizard strings are externalized again.

grana: implemented headless diagram provider for batch mode

klay.layered: added randomization for orthogonal routing

keg.diagram.custom: - Fixed: Finished the major GUI overhaul of the random graph wizard. Internationalization is still missing, as is a new option concerning how ports are created.

keg.diagram.custom: - Fixed: Further work on the complete GUI overhaul of the random graph wizard.

Merge branch 'port-distribution'

klay.layered: wrote comments, improved port ranks for FIXED_SIDES

keg.diagram.custom: - Changed: Started a general overhaul of the random graph wizard GUI.

klay.layered: improved consistency of port sorting

added signals to SCCharts-overview

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Merge branch 'master' into cmot/master