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Some modifications

added the methode testNodeEdgeOverlaps to test if nodes and Edges overlap

New BasicTests Class

adapt the review KI-27

added some comments

Updated the test framework to trace the testing method

created TestPath class (path + options) updated the Test framework to support more TestPaths

Test for the test framework

test framework: - Added: GraphTestRunner. - Added: Test class to test the test framework.

Merge branch 'master' of into graphtest

Merge branch 'master' of

progressmonitor for kivi

Merge branch 'etrice-kieler'

fixed Checkstyle warnings, minor improvements

Merge branch 'master' of

Checkstyle warning eliminated in XtextEditorHighlightEffect (core.model.xtext)

XtextBasedEditorActivationChangeTrigger (core.model.xtext) updated according to new checkstyle configuration.

checkstyle configuration supplemented with more nearby suppression configurations according to meeting 2012-07-17

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    • +20
Merge remote branch 'jayant-clone/master' into etrice-kieler

fix for KIELER-2145

Merge branch 'master' of





Solved manually (chsch).

some improvement in the XtextEditorHighlightEffect (according to new api enhancements in KLighD's KIVi stuff)

further experimental progress in klighd.examples (Ecore visu)

KlighdSelectionTrigger supplemented with some convenience support for handling EObjects.

exception catch added to klighd's KlighdDataManager in its static initialization phase in order to provide more helpful failure diagnosis.

modifications in klighd.xtext re-correcting the combinations and according to foregoing changes and Xtext release change

bk node placer: added javadoc comments

Merge branch 'master' of

bk node placer: suppressed checkstyle to have readable indexed variables

improved documentation