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Review Task

  • [KIPRA-1559] - Review implementation and usage of KVector#equals
  • [KIPRA-1583] - Inconsistent names of listener add/remove methods in IViewer


  • [KIPRA-1629] - Remove GMF dependency from kiml.export?


  • [KIPRA-1525] - Less LinkedLists, more ArrayLists
  • [KIPRA-1541] - Xtext editor produces ConcurrentModificationException when editing a property name
  • [KIPRA-1542] - Piccolo Outline Too Responsive
  • [KIPRA-1546] - Selection styles are not applied to (nested) KTexts if they're set non-selectable
  • [KIPRA-1552] - BendsAnalysis may neglect bendpoints with equal coordinates on different hierarchy levels
  • [KIPRA-1553] - Element order is not preserved by PtolemyDiagramSynthesis
  • [KIPRA-1557] - Edges to external north and south ports not routed correctly
  • [KIPRA-1560] - DiagramZoomController relies on actual visibility rather than the 'displayed' state
  • [KIPRA-1561] - LayerConstraintProcessor leaves empty layers
  • [KIPRA-1566] - Diagram zoom buttons trigger a new layout instead of just triggering re-zoom
  • [KIPRA-1572] - GraphViz layouter still has runtime dependencies on Eclipse
  • [KIPRA-1580] - Space for edge labels is not reserved
  • [KIPRA-1584] - KLighD Wizard-generated code throws exceptions with file handling
  • [KIPRA-1585] - Instead of live value, x/y coordinates of label is shown in interactive models
  • [KIPRA-1586] - Block expansion throws exception while performing layout
  • [KIPRA-1596] - Funky Kinks in KlighD
  • [KIPRA-1599] - Graph adapters always return new adapter objects for child elements
  • [KIPRA-1600] - Nodes are placed far away from each other
  • [KIPRA-1601] - Add 'propagateChildren' flag to scale-based visibility of KRenderings
  • [KIPRA-1606] - Zoom to focus does not respect node scalings
  • [KIPRA-1609] - Display thread is not awaked when 'execute()' is complete in MonitoredOperation
  • [KIPRA-1612] - Outline page is not null pointer save in case editor is closed while updating
  • [KIPRA-1614] - Java compatibility configuration tool is missing in the 'new KLighD project' dialog
  • [KIPRA-1621] - Null pointer exception when adding function overview diagrams
  • [KIPRA-1624] - Edge label spacing is ignored for BELOW placement
  • [KIPRA-1630] - NPE in LayerSweepCrossingMinimizer
  • [KIPRA-1635] - Enablement of Action Buttons in Sidebar is not updated after view changes
  • [KIPRA-1638] - Node label placement set on KLabel not respected
  • [KIPRA-1640] - LayerConstraintProcessor alters layering even though no layer constraints exist
  • [KIPRA-1642] - Possible NullPointerException in GmfLayoutEditPolicy
  • [KIPRA-1646] - Compound nodes not resized in hierarchy layout
  • [KIPRA-1651] - "Save to Image"-dialog shows wrong file extensions when exporting to file system
  • [KIPRA-1652] - Closing the Klay Debug View produces a "Widget is disposed" Exception
  • [KIPRA-1654] - KLighD Project Wizard alternate save location not working
  • [KIPRA-1658] - Print branding information size too large
  • [KIPRA-1659] - Invalid node positions after interactive node placement
  • [KIPRA-1662] - Improve handling of spacings
  • [KIPRA-1665] - "Save as image..." dialog file extension filter is not working correctly

New Feature

  • [KIPRA-891] - Implement greedy switch heuristic
  • [KIPRA-1644] - Add inside self loop support to KLay Layered in hierarchy mode


  • [KIPRA-1556] - Remove hashes from LGraphElement
  • [KIPRA-1577] - Promote NodeType to a first-class property of LNodes
  • [KIPRA-1633] - LabelDummyRemoverTest fails when diagram consists of a single node
  • [KIPRA-1656] - Increase default thoroughness of KLay Layered to 10
  • [KIPRA-1661] - Disscuss removing eclipse.ui dependency


  • [KIPRA-1308] - "Fast and Simple" node placer is not so fast
  • [KIPRA-1471] - Remove unneccesary kinks in edges
  • [KIPRA-1535] - Improve Hyperedge Crosscounting Implementation
  • [KIPRA-1563] - LayerConstraintProcessor creates too many layers
  • [KIPRA-1564] - INSIDE/OUTSIDE Self Loops
  • [KIPRA-1565] - DiagramSyntheses' transform(...)' methods cannot be moved to common super class
  • [KIPRA-1567] - Stackoverflow in Network Simplex Layerer
  • [KIPRA-1568] - Provide an action trigger like mouse "SINGLE_OR_MULTICLICK"
  • [KIPRA-1570] - Add the mouse click position in the ActionContext provided to IActions
  • [KIPRA-1571] - Enable simultaneous element selection while calling the context menu with right button mouse click
  • [KIPRA-1575] - Diagram tooltip is not visible if it mouse is close to right/bottom border
  • [KIPRA-1576] - Child nodes don't respect inside labels of compound nodes.
  • [KIPRA-1581] - Port Alignment JUSTIFIED wihout additional port spacing should restore old behaviour
  • [KIPRA-1589] - Add visibility restriction settings in terms of absolute width & height values
  • [KIPRA-1593] - Add a configuration hook allowing to deactivate the adjustment of edge source & target points
  • [KIPRA-1598] - Filesystem Export for "SaveUnderlyingKGraph"
  • [KIPRA-1602] - Add support for 'resetLayoutConfig' to KLighD's workbench parts without a subsequent layout run
  • [KIPRA-1605] - Give 'DiagramLayoutEngine.IListener' a self-explanatory name
  • [KIPRA-1615] - Add configurability of SynthesisOptions wrt. used update strategy and animation
  • [KIPRA-1616] - add[Head|Center|Tail]EdgeLabel methods are missing in KLabelExtensions
  • [KIPRA-1617] - Simplify the usage/configuration of layout options for (new) users of KLighD
  • [KIPRA-1623] - Add json debug output to klay.
  • [KIPRA-1632] - KlighD 'default' values not regarded by klay tests
  • [KIPRA-1634] - add API for registering 'IViewChangeListener's with an 'EnumSet' of 'ViewChangeTypes'
  • [KIPRA-1636] - 'ISelection' provided by 'IViewer' is too generic
  • [KIPRA-1637] - SVG freeHEP add xml:space="preserve"
  • [KIPRA-1639] - Enable the addition of semantic data to SVG <tspan> elements
  • [KIPRA-1649] - Add 'add...Label' methods in KLabelExtensions not requiring a font size and font name

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