Release Notes - Kieler Pragmatics - Version 2017/02 - HTML format


  • [KIPRA-1793] - Comparison method violates contract
  • [KIPRA-1819] - Animation related properties are not taken into account
  • [KIPRA-1831] - associateWith() is broken
  • [KIPRA-1834] - Edge routing problems when opening new diagram
  • [KIPRA-1835] - Incremental Update is triggered when switching to a different model
  • [KIPRA-1840] - Incremental Update causes unwanted port constraints in mixed port/no-port graphs
  • [KIPRA-1841] - Inconsistent layout results when applying synthesis multiple times and using Incremental Update



  • [KIPRA-1820] - Cleanup interface of Klighd layoutDiagram and updateDiagram functions
  • [KIPRA-1836] - Allow configurable background for SVG exports.

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