There is an hourly backup of all home directories to prevent loss of data. Additionally a history of approximately 10 days and 4 weeks is kept.


Incremental hourly Backups are sent via incremental zfs-snapshots from skew to the backup host timesink. Every night a daily snapshot is taken and kept for 10 days. This means that if you accidently deleted a file which is not in the daily snapshots, you would have at least one hour before it is lost.


The Backup is auto-mounted under /backup

  • /backup/<username> is the most recent snapshot (last full hour)
  • /backup/<username>/.zfs/snapshot/old is the snapshot from one hour before
  • /backup/<username>/.zfs/snapshot/daily.X daily snapshots done 04:30 in the morning. daily.0 is most recent
  • /backup/<username>/.zfs/snapshot/weekly.X see daily. Snapshots done 04:30 in the morning on sundays