name = CamStudio

|logo = |screenshot = |caption = |maintainer = wor |operating_system = Windows |genre = Capturing screen activity on video |license = Freeware |website = retired |source = }} RenderSoft CamStudio is a tool for recording screen activity from the Windows Desktop into standard AVI or SWF video files. The software package also contains video players and the SWF Producer to convert AVI files to Flash (SWF) files.


  • Adjust the video quality and framerate settings to reduce file size (Options -> Video Options)
    • Tip: A playback rate of 20 frames per second should be sufficient for the most tasks.
  • Use custom cursors (Options -> Cursor Options)
  • Add screen captions to the desktop while recording (Tools -> Screen Annotations, double-click list entries)
  • Add a soundtrack (Options -> Audio Options)