Color Laser Printing

  • In floor 2 there is a modern powerful color laser printer/copier
    • It is located in the hallway, so it can be accessed by anybody
    • You need a copy-card to authenticate, ask secretary or staff for our copy card
  • The printer prints PS files, so convert your document to PS, to make sure everything will be printed as you expect it:
pdf2ps myfile.pdf
  • The second call to ps2ps will convert the ps file to a better structured ps file. The printer might handle that better.
  • Now open the ps file and make sure everything looks as expected.
  • Open the print-tool
  • Make some settings:
    • General: Set Printer to "ricoh"
    • PPD: Set a Document Server Password down at the bottom. Write it down. You'll need it at the printer.
  • -> Print
  • Go down to the printer.
  • Insert the copy card, try different sides until it snaps in with a click-noise.
  • On the left side on the panel, press the 2nd button (the one below "kopie")
  • Select your document on the touch screen
    • enter the password you have selected before
    • Press "Zum Druckerfenster" on the right
    • Activate "2-seit. Kopie Oben-Oben" and "Sortieren"
    • Then start with the big green button

ricoh Print Panel