Room 1114 houses a pinball slot machine for scientific and amusement reasons.


  • Switch on the slot machine.
  • Open the machine on the front side.
  • On the inside of the door, there are a black and a green button. Press the black button.
  • Press the green button (it will arrest in the down position).
  • Press the black button repeatedly until the display shows Adjustment 43 / Turnierspiel.
  • Now press the start button (on the outside of the slot machine) repeatedly to get to the HOME option.
  • Press the green button (in so doing, it returns into its starting position).
  • To save the change, press the black button.

Now you can play for free ;)

Automatic Player

  • login to computer beside the machine as flipper
  • start camera
  • sudo cd /root
  • sudo sh init
  • cd flipper
  • ./dvdgrap ...