How to Contribute to the Photo Gallery

So, you want to contribute to the  rtsys photo gallery? That's great

  • here are some guidelines for doing so:

Proper Time Stamping

  • You can post pictures and movies; in the following, they will be collectively referred to as "pictures".

  • To facilitate chronological sorting of the pictures, the clock of your digital camera should be set according to local time.

  • If you forgot to do so before snapping away, you should correct the time stamps of the pictures after downloading them from the camera. There are tools to do this, such as the  EXIF Date Changer. Note that there are different conventions to store the metadata, such as the timestamp, in the image file (one of these conventions is EXIF); so this tool may or may not work for your camera.

  • Yes, there are events that justify 100+ pictures, and disk space is cheap. Still, don't blindly dump your GBs of pictures onto the server. Before uploading, please screen your pictures for technically poor shots, duplicate contents, or other pictures that may not be of particular interest for others.

File Naming

  • The image files should be according to the format yyyy-mm-dd@hh-mm-ss<login>.* - for example, "2006-08-24@…". The  Stamp tool can do this for you for Windows,  Graphic Converter for Mac and  exiv2 for Linux/Windows/Mac in command line:
exiv2 -r %Y-%m-%d@%H-%M-%Srvh *.jpg

File Location

  • The pictures for one topic should be located in a picture directory named yyyy-mm-dd_<Short-description-of-topic>, such as "2006-08-24_Paddeltour-Schwentine". The <Short-description-of-topic> should not contain blanks or german special characters such as ä, ö, ü etc.

  • To allow contributions from other members of the group (mrvh), the permissions of the picture directory should be group-writable (permission mask 775).

  • The picture directory must be located on our local server (, in /home/info/upload/Fotos .

  • If you do not have write permissions to the Fotos directory (ie, if you are not member of mrvh), then


  • The pictures should be rotated correctly. There are tools that do lossless rotation of jpg's, such as  IrfanView
  • The pictures should be posted in the original, high-quality resolution. The downsampling for thumbs etc. is performed automatically by the post-processing script.

Final Steps

Now as your pictures are properly named and stored in the proper directory you can ask the group's sysadmin to put them into the gallery. Alternatively, if you like to add the pictures to the gallery yourself the group's sysadmin will be happy to show you the necessary steps.