If you use a lot of acronyms (like in the KIELER project with all its subprojects or all the Eclipse stuff like EMF, GMD and so on), it's good to have a helper to arrange these. Especially the option smaller is nice to typeset acronyms a little smaller such that they fit better into the surrounding text.


\usepackage{hyperref}  % references, links


%--- Acronyms -----------------------------------------------------------------%
% how to use acronyms:
% \ac = use acronym, first time write both, full name and acronym
% \acf = use full name (text + acronym)
% \acs = only use acronym
% \acl = only use long text
% \acp, acfp, acsp, aclp = use plural form for acronym (append 's')
% \acsu, aclu = write + mark as used
% \acfi = write full name in italics and acronym in normal style
% \acused = mark acronym as used
% \acfip = full, emphasized, plural, used
\section*{List of Acronyms}
        \acro{kieler}[KIELER]{Kiel Integrated Environment for Layout Eclipse Rich Client}
        \acro{xml}[XML]{Extensible Markup Language}
        \acro{uml}[UML]{Unified Modeling Language}


The tool \ac{kieler} is pretty cool. I like \ac{kieler}. It's cool!