Graphics with Figure Environments and Subfigures

Using graphics and optionally with subfigures. "subfig" is a newer version of the older "subfigure" package. It has different macros.

Note that you should not write a file suffix in includegraphics. Hence you should write "images/pic1" instead of "images/pic1.png". Try to use PDF images as they are vector images and have better quality. Use tools like "pdfcrop" to cut a big A4 page down to the single image.



\usepackage{hyperref} % supports autoref

% define displayed strings for autoref


\section{A simple Figure}

\begin{figure}[t] % t=top, b=bottom, h=here, p=separate page
  \caption[Texlipse]{Texlipse is super!}

I love Texlipse as shown in \autoref{fig:texlipse}.


  \subfloat[My first subfigure.]{
  \subfloat[My second subfigure.]{
  \subfloat[My third subfigure.]{
  \caption{These are multiple figures.}

Now I can reference also the other figures: \autoref{fig:mysubfig} or