The Lincke Lab consists of two wooden cases, one with 8 lamps and one with 8 buttons. Both were donated by Prof. Lincke of the Physics Department. They can be used for example to illustrate how a Byte represents integers or floating point numbers.

Wooden Boxes

The Lamps operate on 12V DC. Lamps may be switched on and of using 5V TTL.

PC Interface

To connect those boxes to a PC we have a small USB digital I/O-Box. Drivers for the box may be found in <tt>/home/public/drivers</tt>


There is a small program Zahlendarsteller (Number Demonstrator) which may be found in the svn under <tt> svn://misc/zahlendarsteller</tt>. The software should be self explanatory. Besides the compiled executable, the svn also contains the corresponding source code and Visual Studio Project which should compile under Visual Studio 2005.