RTSYS group's model railway demonstrator

In the past the railway demonstrator was equipped with a new controlling software, stored on the TTP nodes.
Before starting a demonstration of navigating up to 11 trains on the course read this carefully .

starting a demonstration

  • switch on 'Main', '12V' and 'TTP' on the switch panel
  • switch on power supply of TTP node 9 -> the left green LED should blink
  • press tiny button 1-2 seconds -> the green LED lights permanently

emergency stopping / resuming

  • press tiny button at most 1 second -> the red LED will be turned on / off

ending session / restoring initial state

  • again press tiny button 1-2 seconds -> the upper yellow LED will blink
  • finish is signed by a permanently lighting yellow LED

lights on / off

  • press tiny button at least 3 seconds; note that this will not work during emergency stop

section & block reset (necessary after adding some trains/taking trains away)

  • reboot node 9 (switch off -> on)

cluster reboot

  • activate emergency stop
  • press tiny button 1-2 seconds
CAUTION: Don't reset sections or reboot cluster while not all trains are moved to initial position -> the controller will not find them on track (due to static schedule)

leaving room

  • make sure that all devices are off (except the VPN relay)
  • switch lights off

further information

OUT-OF-DATE damage is fixed!
  • a contact of the pair KH_ST_2 con 0 is broken, so the trigger event often comes late and the engine will touch the next block
    -> power supply overload is possible and will be signalized by a beeping TTP node
  • overcome this situation by moving the train back by hand some cm


The simulation of the railway which uses the Modelgui can be found in /home/railway/simulation. When you copy it to your home, you first have to execute

 make copyrebuild

To use your controller with the simulation, you have to include RailwaySimuSCADE/railway.h instead of railway.h and kicking.h. And you need not link to librailway.

To start the simulation

  • start the model gui: cd Executables; java -jar modelgui-6b1.jar
  • open the railway svg
  • start your controller, make sure that railway.cnf is in the same directory

For the complete documentation, see Christian Motikas Studienarbeit.