As a student at the department (Institut für Informatik), you also have a departmental E-mail address (...@…), also called ifi address. For E-communication regarding your studies, eg when subscribing to a class mailing list or for submitting your homeworks, it is generally preferred to communicate using that ifi address, and not some other address from some other provider, see also the brief  discussion of this subject. If you prefer to keep using some other mail provider, instead of logging onto the institute's machines for reading/sending your mail, this raises two issues: 1. receiving mail - you have to forward mail that is sent to your ifi address to the address that your provider has given you, and 2. sending mail - mails that you are sending via your provider must appear with the ifi-address as sender's address.

The first issue, receiving mail, is quite simple to handle. You create/modify a forwarding file at your institute account, see  here.

The second issue is a bit trickier, as it also depends on the particular setup you are using. But this wiki entry should help you solve this problem as well. By default it is not possible to send mail via the institute's mail server from an external network. If you want to send mail from an external network using <login> as sender address there are some choices:

University Mail Server

Use the university mail (SMTP) server also on your local machine at home:

  • SMTP Server name:
  • Port: 25
  • TLS enabled, With authentication, Use your IfI-username and password.


The institute hosts a webmail client at


If you are lucky and your provider's mail server supports sending mail with arbitrary sender addresses there is nothing to configure at all. Just tell your mailclient to use <login> as sender address.

Drawback: Some Spam Filter might mark your emails as spam, because mail server domain and email address domain name do not match. So some recepients might not receive your mails and you will not know who did.