The university mail is automatically checked for spam and junk mail. The spam checker does not delete or move the mail but it marks each spam mail with a certain flag in the mail header:

X-Spam-Status: Yes

To filter the mail according to the spam status, you can use any mail filter application, e.g. the built-in functionality in your thunderbird email-client.

procmail script

The basic way is to use procmail: Create a file .procmailrc right in your home directory (don't forget the . in front of the filename!!) Edit the file with a standard text editor and enter


  • X-Spam-Status: Yes spam

This was all mails marked as spam are automatically sorted out into the file /home/<login>/Mail/spam. This does work for any mail client you use (e.g. thunderbird)


You can filter out the spam also in your thunderbird mail client:

  • Open Tools -> Message Filters -> New
  • Instead of Subject choose Customize
  • Create a new message header entry X-Spam-Flag
  • Use option contains with parameter YES
  • Choose an appropriate action (e.g. Move Message to folder Spam on <accountname>
  • To run the filter now choose Tools -> Run filters on folder
  • From now on it will be run automatically each time you receive mails