• SSID: CAUx (eduroam for guests)
  • username: <stuaccount> e.g.
  • password: your stuaccount password


  • Authentication settings (on Mac: Network properties -> Airport -> Advanced Preferences)
  • 802.1X settings:
    • protocol: only TTLS (deactivate others)
    • TTLS configure:
      • internal TTLS ID protocol: MSCHAPv2
      • external ID:


  • settings using the gnome network manager

How to get a stu-account

How to change the stu-account's password

  • You need to change the password once in case the last change was before the CAUx/eduroam-era to migrate the account to the new wireless account pool. Give it half an hour to be fully populated through the system before trying it over and over again.

Special Devices

Windows7 setup including screenshots

Further platforms