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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: cds
  • Protocol: cds
  • Attendees:
    • cds
    • chsch
    • cmot
    • ima
    • msp
  • Start: 12:00
  • End: 12:45


World Domination (msp)

Miro shows a world map of our influence.


This is a continuation of our last meeting on restructuring the KIELER user interface.

Problem Areas

After the last meeting, the following problem areas remain open:

  • Main menu bar
  • Context menus
  • Commands



Command categories are visible in the key binding preferences. Those categories must be properly set as well, following our new paradigm of having separate categories.

  • KSbase categories (TICKET ckru)
  • KAOM (TICKET msp)
  • KEG (TICKET cds)

Miro adds that it is not always necessary to add custom categories since many kinds of categories are predefined. File-based commands, for instance, should be associated with the File category.

Main Menu Bar

  • Get rid of KiVi items in KIELER menu. (TICKET ckru)
  • Move KSbase template items into a new context submenu "Insert Template". Templates currently exist for SyncCharts and KEG. (TICKET chsch)
  • The "Generate SC Code" item is scheduled to be removed anyway. (TICKET cmot)


  • The KSbase items in the toolbar are messed up. Check with ckru if this works properly now. (TICKET ckru)

Context Menu

  • Remove KiVi contributions from KIELER submenu. (TICKET chsch)
  • The Add Plotter item gets removed with the removal of KViD.
  • Get rid of "Parse Labels" (TICKET cds)
  • The "Layout Selection" and "Show Layout View" items should be checked for its visibility, which currently only takes the active editor into account. Thus, the item is also displayed in context menus for files. (TICKET msp)
  • "Layout the Diagram File" should be renamed. (TICKET cds)
  • "Generate S Code (new)" should be removed. (TICKET cmot)
  • "Generate SC Code" should be moved to the top level. (TICKET cmot)
  • "Expand Reference Macro-States" should be moved to the top level. (TICKET cmot)
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