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Welcome to the KIELER Project's Wiki!

The Kiel Integrated Environment for Layout Eclipse RichClient, or short KIELER, is a research project about enhancing the graphical model-based design of complex systems. It is developed by the Real-Time and Embedded Systems group at Kiel University.

Using This Wiki

The Wiki is structured as follows:

The overview section gives you an idea of how KIELER is structured and what parts there are. KIELER has grown quite big, so reading through the overview will help a great deal in finding your bearings around here.
The Different Components of KIELER
We have taken care to divide KIELER into several components, which in turn are divided into several projects. This makes the KIELER project a litlte easier to understand, we hope.
The processes section contains documentation about the processes we use to manage KIELER.

We use the Wiki to document the project, its different components, the processes we use to manage it, and whatever else needs documenting. As a KIELER developer, please feel free to add content to the Wiki. If you're unsure about where to add the content to, just ask one of the senior developers – they'll be happy to help.

Getting Help

This Wiki is the main source of documentation for the KIELER project. If you'd like to get in touch with the team, either search the group's web page for e-mail addresses, or use the following channels:

  • Announcement Mailing List
    KIELER releases and important project updates are sent to this low-traffic mailing list.
  • Developer Mailing List
    Every KIELER developer is expected to be on our developer mailing list to stay up to date on announcements and information relevant to developers.

Also take a look at demos and tutorial videmos and tutorial videosdeos we have put together.


Here's the list of tools we use:

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