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This section contains a bunch of documents that describe guidelines we use in developing KIELER. Most are short howtos for installing or configuring stuff, some are more like reference documentation. See Getting Started below for a systematic walk-through of some of these documents, designed for new developers.

Whenever you find something that's unclear or plain wrong, feel free to improve it or ask for help.

Getting Started

So, you're new on the KIELER project? Welcome aboard! In the beginning, developing in Eclipse might seem a little daunting, but no worries: that's perfectly normal. For a gentle introduction, start off by reading this guide in which we'll work through...

  • ...setting up an Eclipse installation and getting everything ready
  • ...getting you up to speed on our project guidelines

We'll effectively be working our way through some of the child pages in this section, in an order that makes sense for new team members. Except for the first section, this whole guide applies regardless of whether you're using your own Eclipse installation or the installation on our servers. The first section will tell you what to do in each of these cases.

Now, go check if there's some tea left, take some, and start working your way through!

  1. Getting Eclipse – Get your hands on an Eclipse installation and learn how to run it.
  2. Configuring Eclipse – Configure your Eclipse installation. (shouldn't be necessary for most of you)
  3. Using Git – Get the KIELER sources and learn how to use Git, our version control system.
  4. Running KIELER – Run KIELER from your Eclipse installation.
  5. Project Guidelines – Be a good programmer by following our project guidelines.

Once you're through with these guides, be sure to have a look at the other guideline pages, which contain further information on how we do stuff around here.

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