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All download packages available on this page are subject to the Eclipse Public License (EPL). Further licenses may apply to bundled components as noted at the bottom of this page.

Standalone Applications

SCCharts Editor and Compiler

The KIELER SCCharts Product includes the SCCharts editor and compiler.

Release 1.2.0

KIELER SCCharts Product v. 1.2.0 (2021-07-05, based on Eclipse 2021-06). Available platforms:

Nightly Builds

KIELER App on Mac OS

After downloading KIELER, Mac OS quarantines the application and, for some reason, considers the app broken and wants you to move it into the Trash.
Hence, if you want to use KIELER on your Mac, you have to remove the quarantine flag manually. You can use the following command:

xattr -rc ./


xattr -rd ./

depending on the Mac OS version


KEITH includes the SCCharts editor and compiler.

Release 0.1.0

KEITH v. 0.1.0 (2021-07-02).

Nightly Builds

Kieler Compiler Command-Line Interface

The KIELER Compiler CLI is a tool for compiling with KIELER.

There are three variants available:

  • kico is a full-featured compiler supporting all languages and compilation systems available in KIELER.
  • kicodia is the full-featured compiler (above) plus capabilities to export models as diagrams.
  • scc is a lean variant only for basic SCCharts compilation, it supports only sctx input and ships with basic code generation systems.

There is a version of each variant built for each major operating system (linux, osx, win). You can also download both variants as a platform independent executable jar archive.

kico --help will print usage information.

Ptolemy Browser

The KIELER Ptolemy Browser is a special light-weight stand-alone distribution of our Ptolemy Browser feature. Simply download the version appropriate to your platform and start browsing!


KIELER Ptolemy Browser v. 2016-02. Download from here!

Nightly Builds

Eclipse Update Sites

Pragmatics Update Site

Install the KIELER features into your own Eclipse installation.


Nightly Build

Semantics Update Site

Install nightly builds of the KIELER features into your own Eclipse installation.


Nightly Build

Our composite updatesite also provides always the latest release.

OpenKieler Update Site

Install the OpenKieler features into your own Eclipse 4.3 installation. OpenKieler only has a nightly build that is usually based on the latest Pragmatics release.

Nightly Build

Source Code

Clone our Git Repositories on Stash for direct source code access.


KIELER software is made available under the Eclipse Public License, except for some integrated third-party components. KIELER can be used independently from OGDF, Libavoid, and Ptolemy, but depends on the Google Guava library.


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