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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: uru
  • Protocol: sor
  • Attendees:
    • uru
    • cds
    • sor
  • Start: 13:00
  • End: 14:00


What should the graphs to be analyzed look like?

  • Different node sizes (some nodes with high height, some not...)
  • Multiple edges per node (incoming, outcoming)
  • No hyper edges
  • No ports, especially no NORTH/SOUTH ports on nodes (implicit we do have ports)
  • No comment boxes
  • Evenly spaced edge attachment points


Which sets of graphs should be analyzed?

  • SCGs
  • Randomized Ptolemy diagrams
  • Randomized pseudo graphs (add some high degree nodes that have a higher height; node.height / degree(node) + 1 > spacing + average node size
    • degree per side


Which analyses should be performed?

  • Count number of axis-parallel edges
  • Size of the graph drawing (height, width), height -> width?
  • Sum up whitespace between nodes on a layer (respect the actual minimal spacing)


How should the analyses be presented?

  • Table presenting the height of the graphs, and the number of axis-parallel edges where the node were placed with
    • BK
    • LS
    • modified BK
  • Compare these results to the results of the SimpleNodePlacer. The SimpleNodePlacer acts as a lower bound for a comparison of the height values.
  • Compare these results to the results of optimization algorithm implemented by uru (ILP). This algorithm should act as a lower bound for a comparison of the number of axis-parallel edges.
  • TODO:
    • Think about appropriate graphical representations
    • Think about statistical evaluation (mean, average, more sophisticated analyses, ...)

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