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Meet People – Do Stuff!

There's a bunch of different ways the we use to keep everyone informed on what's going on. This page describes them, while its child pages are devoted to keeping meeting minutes of our meetings.

Regular / Irregular Meetings

At our research group, we hold a bunch of different meetings, some of them regularly, some not. The two most important meetings are the KIELER Pragmatics Meetings and the KIELER Semantics Meetings / the KIELER Synchron Meetings. Everyone involved in the KIELER project is usually expected to attend at least one of them. Of course, you are always welcome to attend the other as well. These meetings are used to discuss current problems and ideas and perhaps demo new stuff (even though we prefer the Morning Tea for demos).

List of Regular Meetings

KIELER Pragmatics MeetingFridays, 10am–11amCAP 4, R. 1115cds
KIELER Semantics MeetingWednesdays, 10am-11amCAP 4, R. 1115ssm
KIELER Project MeetingcdsReplaced by Pragmatics and Semantics Meetings.

Irregular Meetings

Irregular meetings are most often devoted to design reviews, which you can read about on the Review Process page. There are also more specialized meetings that are scheduled whenever necessary.

Morning Tea

Every morning at 9:30h, we serve tea and sit down to talk about things. The morning tea can well be used to show demos to everyone present, or to talk about project management issues. If you have a topic you would like to talk about, please send an e-mail to the KIELER developer mailing list in advance so that everyone can be extra-careful to arrive on time.

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