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Advisors: Reinhard von Hanxleden, Ulf Rüegg, Christoph Daniel Schulze.

  • Comment Attachment (Bachelor)
    When computing a new layout for a diagram that contains comments (comparable to comments in source code), the comments often get placed far away of the nodes they refer to. This is because often the reference is not explicitly encoded in the original model. We have used a distance-based metric in the past to discover references automatically, but there are lots of ideas for improvement. This bachelor thesis would implement them, perhaps come up with additional ideas, and finally evaluate them in a thorough experiment.
  • Control Flow Graph Exploration / Visualization (Bachelor)
    Use pragmatics concepts (automatic layout, focus & context) for exploring/visualizing control flow graphs and specific paths, eg. as computed by OTAWA WCET analysis tool, eg. using KLighD.
  • Compound Graph Exploration (Bachelor, Master)
    A new graph exploration approach should be examined which is uses different zoom levels for different compound nodes. This tries to map the "Google Maps approach" of only showing the information of interest at any given zoom level to the field of graph exploration.


  • Real-time extensions for SCCharts (Bachelor/Master)
    Make the timing instructions delay_until und exception_on_expire of the FlexPRET processor available in SCCharts.
  • Adding dataflow to SCCharts (Bachelor/Master) [work in progress, Axel Umland]
    Add dataflow to SCCharts SCCharts

  • Multithreaded/Multicore execution of SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)  [work in progress, Tibor Weiß]
    Evaluate possibilities to preserve parallelism in SCCharts, implement mapping for (fine grained) multithreading and multicore 
    based on the FlexPRET processor.