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  • Optimization of the SCCharts compiler/transformations (Bachelor/Master)
    Profile the actual SCCharts compiler/transformations and apply optimizations; also evaluate the possibility to use multiple cores for compilation
  • On the pragmatics of modeling large models in SCCharts (Bachelor/Master)
    Evaluate the possibilities to create and maintain large models in model-based languages (i.e. SCCharts) and provide suggestions for improvements
  • Visualization of Model-based Simulation via Tracing (Bachelor/Master)
    Use the already implemented Model-to-Model-Tracing in KIELER to visualize simulations. 
  • Incremental Compilation of SCEst (Bachelor/Master)
    Modify the KIELER SCEst language so that KIELER is able to compile Esterel step-by-step to C via SCL.
  • Model-based Compilation of Legacy C Programs (Bachelor/Master)
    Implement a model-based compiler in KIELER that is able to compile C to (S)CCharts and then back to C again.
  • Extend the SC MoC to handle priority-based variable accesses (Bachelor/Master)
    Add priorities to variable accesses to extend the SC MoC and therefore the number of valid sequentially constructive synchronous programs.
  • Transformation of Circuits to SCCharts (Bachelor/Master)
    Implement a transformation that translates circuits to (dataflow) SCCharts.
  • On the Pragmatics of Interactive Timing Information Feedback for graphical modeling (Bachelor)
    Use Pragmatics concepts to enhance the timing information feedback of the Interactive Timing Analysis.

  • On the Pragmatics of Interactive Timing Information Feedback for Graphical Modeling (Bachelor)
    Use Pragmatics and enhanced visualization for the timing information feedback of the Interactive Timing Analysis.

  • Efficient data dependency & scheduling analyses in SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement analyses for data dependency, scheduling (e.g. tick boundaries) for SCCharts to improve static scheduling of the compiler
  • Curing Schizophrenia in SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Develop new synchronizer to handle schizophrenia properly (e.g. depth join).
  • SCCharts Debugging (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement more sophisticated debugging mechanisms (e.g. breakpoints, observers) for SCCharts
  • Environment Simulations for SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Develop a system to simulate environments (e.g. for Lego Mindstorms) for SCCharts in KIELER
  • SCCharts Verification (Master/Bachelor)
    Add the possibility to perfom model checking on SCCharts

  • Quartz (Master)
    Integrate the synchronous Quartz language into KIELER for validation purposes and teaching.
  • Implementation of a priority-based compilation approach (Master) 
    Implement the SyncCharts priority-based compilation approach into the SCCharts compiler chain.
  • Raceyard evaluation (Master)
    Evaluate the possibility for the use of SCCharts in the Raceyard context and pave the way for future experiments