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You´ll find the RtSys Stammtisch coordination website here:

We currently meet every second Thursday of a month.

Table of Contents

Who participates?


It is not strictly required to participate every month, e.g., if you are on holiday or do not live in Kiel. Practice, however, shows that you should reserve these 2 hours of time per month (= only 0,26% of your time) because otherwise this special time is tend to drown in day-to-day business. So please feel invited to try to come as often as possible to keep this fellowship up (smile).

How it works


  1. Please contact us if you did not get an invitation yet! You´ll find the RtSys Stammtisch coordination website here:
  2. The venue is voted by all members of the RtSys Stammtisch. The coordination website is programmed to choose the most top voted venue 8 days before the next RtSys Stammtisch takes place. Up to then you can vote for the venue of your like. After that your vote counts for the next but one RtSys Stammtisch.
  3. One day after the RtSys Stammtisch took place the coordination website allows you to tell everybody you will participate at the next event. If plans change and something important prevents you from joining, you can cancel your participation up to the day the RtSys Stammtisch takes place.
  4. You will get an automatic invitation 7 days before the next RtSys Stammtisch event including the chosen venue. Additionally, one day before you will get another reminder that the RtSys Stammtisch takes place tomorrow. But it is good practice to put the day into your calendar as early as possible (:

Additional Features

Venue Suggestion

The coordination website allows you to make your own suggestion of a venue that is not listed. Please carefully submit your suggestion and add the name of the venue and its postal address (street, zip code and city) so that the automatically generated Google Maps links continue to work.

Calendar Export

The coordination website allows to download a calendar entry in ics format. You should be able to download and include this with your Apple or Android device. For Android you might need the Google Calendar App.

Rate the Venue

The coordination website allows to rate the venue were we have met. This way allows you to track which restaurants in Kiel you personally like to visit again, e.g., with your partner or family or even with the RtSys Stammtisch in the future.

Group Photo

At our first RtSys Stammtisch we decided to take a group photo afterwards. The coordination website allows to attach one photo for each event. We think it might be nice to look at these photos in a few years from now. The photos are not available for public but only for all (invited) RtSys Stammtisch members. Of course we respect if you decide to not be part of a group photo but still we like to encourage you to support this idea (smile)