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This contains student theses (Bachelor/Master/Studien/Diplomarbeiten).

For the formatting of "DiplomarbeitenMasterarbeiten", see eg. Bell06, Fuhrmann05Wechselberg15. In particular:

  • The entry type is MastersThesis
  • school = {Christian-Albrechts-Universit {\"a}t zu Kiel University, Department of Computer Science}
  • type = {Diploma Master thesis}
  • If the work is not submitted yet, add a note "To appear"; otherwise, add the month accordingly to the date of submission.
  • There is no note "unpublished".


  • Instead of "Institut für Informatik" use "Department of Computer Science"
  • Instead of "Technischer Bericht" use "Technical Report"
  • BUT: Instead of "Christian-Albrechts-Universit{\"a}t zu Kiel" is not translated (and please don't omit the "zu")use "Kiel University"

To write german umlauts and other special characters use the standard tex coding i.e. {\"a}, {\"o}, {\"u}, {\ss}