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With the term 'pragmatics' (don't confuse it with 'pragmatism') we denote the set of all practical aspects that influences the daily work of modelers in the context of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). This comprises the creation and modification of models (abstract syntax as in the sense of the MVC) as well as the synthesis of diverse views on those models tailored to different stakeholders and different purposes.

Exemplary projects addressing these topics are the KIELER Structure-based Editing (KSbasE) and the KIELER Lightweight Diagrams (KLighD). The first one aims at providing operations for changing models based on its abstract syntax (introduce new elements, modify them in some way, connect them, or delete them). The second one targets the synthesis of graphical representations of models or model excerpts in a lightweight and transient way. This means, representation are synthesized on modelers demand and dismissed later on without saving them on the disc, unless the modeler wants to do that.

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