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» Dienste. Algorithmen und Meta Layout müssen den Anwendern zugänglich gemacht werden, damit ein Nutzen daraus entsteht. Dazu müssen wir verschiedenste graphische Frameworks mit vorhandenen Layout-Bibliotheken integrieren und eine Reihe von Werkzeugen entwickeln, mit denen die Verfügbarkeit unserer Lösungen gesteigert wird. Hierzu gehört z.B. die Unterstützung von Standard-Graphenformaten sowie ein Web-Service für automatisches Layout.

  • Heuristics for the Compact Layering Problem (Bachelor, Master)
    Usually the layer assignment problem of the layer-based approach seeks to let as many edges as possible point into the same direction. Refraining from doing so sometimes allows more compact drawings, which so far has been evaluated using optimization problems. The task is to find and evaluate appropriate heuristics.
  • Evaluate Impact of Reversing Edges on Humans (Master)
    Reversing edges during the layer assignment problem as suggested by the previous topic may have a negative impact on the readability of diagram. User-studies should be carefully planned and conducted to answer two questions: which edges are naturally reversed by humans and does reversing too many edges worsen comprehensibility?
  • Node Placement With a Focus on Compactness (Master)
    Node placement algorithms often try to draw as many edges as straight lines as possible. However, that usually results in less compact diagrams. The focus of this topic would be to devise or adapt a node placement algorithm that tries to strike a balance between straightness and compactness.