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Before you do anything else for your thesis work, you should get the technical issues for writing your thesis out of the way. Ie, you should create a git repository for your thesis, familiarize yourself with LaTeX and the KCSS style, and adapt/fill in the KCSS thesis template for your needs. This way, you can fill your thesis with contents as you work along on your thesis topic, instead of keeping notes in various ways and having to consolidate it all later.

Use Git

Our shared repositories are managed with git. The files associated with the thesis should be kept in the group's Git repository. The main purpose is to prevent loss of data. It also facilitates access for fellow group members if needed, and to allow on-line publication. See also Using Git.

The main tex file for a thesis should be <name of directory>.tex. See also Git/Structure for the canonical naming scheme. Eg, the bachelor thesis of user xyz can be found in a repository named xyz-bt in the Thesss project of our Gitorious system, in a file named xyz-bt.tex. If there is a talk to "defend" the thesis (Bachelor-Kolloquium, Disputation), the talk should also be included in this repository, and should be named <name of directory>-talk.tex; eg xyz-bt-talk.tex. In case your thesis should be made available on-line, the same names should be used, eg, xyz.pdf.