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  • Add Support for Self Loops for Polyline / Spline Layouts
    Self loops, that is, edges connecting a node with itself, need to be properly routed. This is already implemented for orthogonal edge routing, but is still an open problem for spline and polyline edge routing. (See ticket KIELER-2136.)
  • Heuristics for Side Aware Edge Label Placement
    Think about and implement heuristic algorithms for solving the edge aware edge label placement problem for placing edge labels in data flow diagrams.
  • Implement Greedy Switch Heuristic for Crossing Minimization
    The order of nodes in a layer determines the number of crossings and is computed during the crossing minimization step. The results can usually be further improved by switching the order of nodes around, which we currently lack proper algorithms for. (See ticket KIELER-1871)
  • Layering Algorithms
    Implement an alternative algorithm for the layer assignment problem used in the layer-based approach to graph layout.
  • Node Placement Algorithms
    Implement alternative algorithms for node placement to minimize the number of bend points produced.