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  1. Using one of the IGraphImporter implementations, it imports the KGraph to be laid out into KLay Layered's LGraph format. Which implementation is used depends on whether the algorithm has to compute a layout for all hierarchy levels at one (compound layout) or not.
  2. Since the algorithm's configuration depends on the graph to be laid out, the LayeredLayoutProvider now has to decide which ILayoutPhase implementations to use for each of the five layout phases (this is specified with the different phase strategy enumerations). Once that is decided, each ILayoutPhase is queried for an IntermediateProcessingConfiguration, which describes – using the LayoutProcessorStrategy – the ILayoutProcessors it needs in each of the intermediate processing slots. The outcome of this step is a list of ILayoutProcessor instances that constitute the concrete layout algorithm.
  3. Next, the imported graph is split into its connected components using the ComponentsProcessor. The processor does the work of splitting the graph into its connected components.
  4. The main step: executing the algorithm (the list of ILayoutProcessor instances, as you will certainly remember) on each connected component.
  5. With a layout computed for each connected component, the ComponentsProcessor is invoked again to join them together. The processor can use one of two implementations of the AbstractGraphPlacer class: SimpleRowGraphPlacer simply places the connected components in rows, trying to adhere to the required aspect ratio. The ComponentGroupGraphPlacer is more sophisticated and tries to work around problems with connected components processing in compound nodes.
  6. Finally, it again uses one of the IGraphImporter implementations to apply the computed layout back to the KGraph.


Example Layouts

Below some example diagrams that were layouted with the KLay Layered algorithm.

Ptolemy Diagram

Ptolemy DiagramImage Added

SCChart with Dataflow

Image Added


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