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  • ThinKCharts Implementation Internals
  • Metamodels behind SyncCharts
  •  API documentation
    • especially see these packages for more documentation of the metamodels:
    • de.cau.cs.kieler.synccharts
    • de.cau.cs.kieler.core.annotations
    • de.cau.cs.kieler.core.expressions
  • Downloads
    • Start with the KIELER Rich Client Application (RCA) Release 0.3. With this standalone application you can play with SyncCharts and get familiar with them.
    • Later, you can download Eclipse 3.6 and get the KIELER plugins into that via our update site. There you can then start to programmatically interface with KIELER.

KIELER SyncCharts Editor with SimulationImage Added
ThinKCharts Editor in Simulation with KlePto