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Usually, your thesis is a full-time job, also meaning full-time presence at your desk. In case you also have other regular work to do, discuss this with your adviser at the beginning of your thesis work.

Thesis Proposal

The first thing to do after you familiarized yourself with the topic and problem of your thesis is to write a short proposal (~2-4 pages). The proposal should be prepared as early as possible (within the first or second week) and should show your adviser that you understood the problem and have a rough idea how to solve it. It may be structured as follows.

  • Problem description
  • Planned Solutions/Goals
    • Hard requirements that have to be fulfilled by the end of your thesis
    • Soft requirements that can be solved if time permits
  • Schedule outlining your proceeding (this includes writing the thesis, see next section)

After you finished the proposal, you should give a short (informal) talk during our daily tea meeting presenting your topic to all members of our group.

Timing is (Almost) Everything