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The coordination website allows you to make your own suggestion of a venue that is not listed. Please carefully submit your suggestion and add the name of the venue and its postal address (street, zip code and city) so that the automatically generated Google Maps links continue to work.

Invite Your Colleagues

The coordination website allows to invite other people by email. You are very welcome to invite everybody which has a close relation to our group because they worked as a "Hiwi" or wrote/write a thesis at our group. Once the invitation email is sent the other person can log in to the RtSys Stammtisch coordination website. In addition to the automatically sent invitation email you should also personally contact the person and tell him or her about our great RtSys Stammtisch to make sure they are interested.

Reserve a Table

Someone should reserve a table. If you know you like to attend you can check a check box that you are willing to reserve the table. An icon will tell everybody else that you'll took responsibility to do so this time. Anybody is happily invited to take responsibility for reserving the table. If you reserve the table please tell the restaurant the "RtSys Stammtisch" will meet there so that others can easily ask for the table once they arrive at the venue.