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  • 1 Compound Graph Exploration (Bachelor, Master)
    A new graph exploration approach should be examined which is uses different zoom levels for different compound nodes. This tries to map the "Google Maps approach" of only showing the information of interest at any given zoom level to the field of graph exploration.
  • 1 OpenStreetMap-Based Model Exploration (Bachelor, Master)
    Implement a prototype to investigate whether OpenStreetMap can be used to display custom data (such as, say, rendered diagrams) to use its filtering and exploration features for exploring large diagrams.
  • 3 Control Flow Graph Exploration / Visualization (Bachelor)
    Use pragmatics concepts (automatic layout, focus & context) for exploring/visualizing control flow graphs and specific paths, eg. as computed by OTAWA WCET analysis tool, eg. using KLighD.
  • Generate signal flow graphs from module descriptions (Bachelor)
    Use pragmatics concepts to parse YAML data and generate signal flow diagrams for an audio application. (In conjunction with sonoware GmbH)

Semantics, Synchronous Languages and Model-based Design