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  • Optimization of the SCCharts compiler/transformations (Bachelor/Master)
    Profile the actual SCCharts compiler/transformations and apply optimizations; also evaluate the possibility to use multiple cores for compilation.
  • SCG Optimization based on SSA (Bachelor/Master)
    The Static Single Assignment form enables powerful optimizations such as sparse conditional constant propagation. Adjust and implement this algorithm in the context of SCGs and evaluate the result.
  • Efficient data dependency & scheduling analyses in SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement analyses for data dependency, scheduling (e.g. tick boundaries) for SCCharts to improve static scheduling of the compiler.

SCCharts Simulation

  • Visualization of Model-based Simulation via Tracing (Bachelor/Master)
    Use the already implemented Model-to-Model-Tracing in KIELER to visualize simulations. 
  • Core SCCharts Interpreter (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement an Interpreter for Core SCCharts.