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  • Generating OSGI model for pragmatics and semantics now works
    • Can now view all bundles and their dependencies
    • Semantics will work as soon as a layout bug is fixed
  • When expanding nodes in OSGI model, the selected node will remain exactly where it is without zooming out or moving the diagram
  • Feedback from S&B: KIELER uses scrolling for zoom, clicking and dragging for panning
    • E.G. Browser: Scrolling pans up and down, shift + scrolling left and right, ctrl + scrolling zooms.
      • Browsers only have one dimension to move through, e.g. Google Maps uses the same as Kieler → Makes more sense (cds, rvh)
    • Use this as an alternative control mode?
      • May lead to even more requests and confusion (cds)
    • Perhaps use vertical and horizontal scrolling using Ctrl and Shift?
      • Must stay close to common software, e.g. Inkscape, Powerpoint, etc.
    • Conclusion: Leave default as it is

Orga (ssm)

  • KMeeting preliminarily now on Fridays
  • Semantics Lead formally passed on to als
  • Thanks to ssm!