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titleProject Overview


Related Theses:

  • Stephan Wersig, Ein Web Service für das automatische Layout von Graphen, October 2011 (pdf)


Additionally, clients enable using the service-based layout inside the Eclipse modeling environment or other platformsexisting applications. As a good starting point, try the command-line layout tool.

The following subpages first take a look at the way the service-based layout is integrated into the KIELER environment and what we need in order to use it. After that it is shown show how we can download and set up a layout server on our own, e.g. to provide layout inside a companies network. Then we get to know the API provided by KWebS, after which the integration of the service-based layout with KWebS into our own projects is discussed. The last section gives us a list of configuration options supported by the server of KWebS.


  1. Setting up your own server
  2. The API of KWebS
  3. How to use the service based layout in your project
  4. Configuration options for the server