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Advisors: Steven Smyth, Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten, Lena Grimm, Reinhard v. Hanxleden

Synchronous languages are well-established for the design of embedded, in particular safety-critical systems. One of our research areas concerns the further development of such languages and their efficient compilation. Specifically, we explore the paradigm of "sequential constructiveness" for reconciling familiar, imperative programming concepts with the sound grounding of synchronous languages. One language we have developed to try out and validate our concepts is the SCCharts language, which keeps evolving and thus offers many opportunities for student theses.


  • Optimization of the SCCharts compiler/transformations (Bachelor/Master)
    Profile the actual SCCharts compiler/transformations and apply optimizations; also evaluate the possibility to use multiple cores for compilation.
  • Efficient data dependency & scheduling analyses in SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement analyses for data dependencies and scheduling (e.g. tick boundaries) for SCCharts to improve static scheduling of the compiler.
  • Javascript code generation (Bachelor/Master)
    Implement a javascript code generation for SCCharts. Integrate with simulation and (environment) visualization to deploy a complete example as standalone web page. Compare with HipHop.js based on Esterel.


  • Visualization of Model-based Simulation via Tracing (Bachelor/Master)
    Use the already implemented Model-to-Model-Tracing in KIELER to visualize simulations. 
  • Core SCCharts Interpreter with dynamic Scheduling (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement an Interpreter for Core SCCharts that supports SC Policies.
  • Live Debugging of Statecharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement a dedicated debugging view for SCCharts.
  • Microstep-Simulation of Statecharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement a method to do microstep simulation with SCCharts.

Model-based C Code Compilation

  • Execution of Recursive Dataflow Code (Master/Bachelor)
  • Execution of Concurrent Dataflow Code (Master/Bachelor)
    Modify the model-based dataflow compiler in KIELER so that it is able to compile recursive/concurrent C programs.
    For Master students: Implement both.


  • Extraction of mode diagrams from Blech [already in progress]
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    nameExtraction of mode diagrams.pdf