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  • Read the source code of the class files in Crucible
  • Understand the source code and the class files
  • Write a comment if there is something that needs to be improved and mark the comment as defect
  • If you want to put more emphasis in your opinion, create a corresponding Jira issue for the defect directly from Crucible
  • Write a comment if there is anything that is not understood
titleWhat goes in into a code review?

If you have never reviewed source code before, you might wonder what to write into the review. Here's a few things you might look out for:

  • Is the code understandable as it is? If not, try to find out what is wrong. The problems may be that comments are missing or misleading, that the code has an awkward structure, or that it is even outright wrong.
  • Does every class, every field and every method has a Javadoc comment?
  • Do the field and variable names make sense? For example, loop variables are often named "i" or "j", while they should actually be called "fooArrayIndex" or something similar.
  • Does the code contain logic bugs? For example, dead code that never gets executed or null pointer problems?

Basically, look out for anything that strikes you as odd or problematic.