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ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (ACM TECS) — Special Issue on Applications of Concurrency to System Design, to appear 2014. Vol. 13, Issue 4s, June 2014: 144:1-144:26

Abstract. This is a journal extended version of the [DATE’13] publication which includes in addition: (i) a description of the mapping from the Sequentially Constructive (SC) language to the SC graph (SCG); (ii) detailed discussions on thread and statement reincarnation; (iii) a full section on the formalisation of SC based on free scheduling of SCGs; (iv) a more general SC Model of Computation based on the notion of confluence;  (v) a revised (positive) definition of SC-Admissibility; (vi) definition of valid SC-schedules; (vii) proof that every ASC schedulable program is indeed SC; (viii) detailed discussion on conservative approximations and (ix) additional examples for illustrating ineffective writes, failure despite deterministic outcome, data-dependency of SC and enforced determinism via reduction of admissible runs.